Thursday, April 30, 2015

Z is for Zamek Książ, Poland

The A-Z Challenge ends today. I feel accomplished for being able to finish! Some letters were really challenging for my chosen theme.

For letter "Z" --

FB Postcard Swap, Sender: RPPostcards
Sent: 09 Aug 2012 from Wroclaw, Poland
Received: 7 Sep 2012, Traveled 9,684 km in 28 days

I am pleased to share this zamek or castle postcard shown on twilight colors. I think the colors are fitting as a closing for my April postcards roll. According to its official website, the castle given it's size and location, is very rare in Europe.

That's it for now! It's been great sharing postcards everyday for 30 days! For new followers of my blog, it's been very nice to know you and visit your pages, too! Same goes to my existing followers even before the challenge, it's been nice catching up with your pages too after my absence here in bloggers world for almost 1 year. You are all welcome to continue sharing my journey of connecting with the world even after this April Challenge has ended ;-)

Enjoy the long weekend, everyone!



  1. Yay - you finished the challenge!! Great postcard to finish up with!

  2. Hi Maria, I got your postcard yesterday April 29 and the man looks very contented resting in his trishaw.

  3. Maria, Congrats! on finishing A to Z! And thank you for faithfully posting through the event.

    Stephen Tremp
    A to Z Co-host
    Z is for Zombie

  4. Hi Maria .. well done on finding interesting places to send your postcards from for the A-Z challenge .. and a Z one too .. Zamek Ksiaz .. clever .. cheers and welcome back to the blogging world .. see you soon - Hilary

  5. so many places to visit - so little time. I am grateful for all the places you shared during the A to Z Challenge. I hope you enjoyed the challenge and are inspired to blog more often.
    Wishing you a wonderful May!!!

  6. wow! Congrats to you!!!
    I'm thinking of doing something like this,not this month but maybe next month.If you will do it again,I want to join. :)

  7. Hi Maria, Congratulations on completing the A to Z challenge. You did a fantastic job! Posting every day makes blogging almost like work as far as I'm concerned, so I admire your ability to keep up with it! Right now I am taking somewhat of a break ... going slowly on my posts in May. Have a great day!


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