Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Taal Volcano, Philippines

Sent to Mircea in Romania

I am just back here in Singapore from a 10-day vacation in my home country, Philippines. I did a Manila-Ilocos-Manila-Tagaytay-Manila tour; basically north of the country. In Ilocos, I visited the old Spanish town in Vigan, "rollercoaster-ed" and surfed on the sand in Paoay. I wanted to share a Vigan postcard but I realized that the one I had was posted here in my blog, 3 years ago.

In Tagaytay, for the third time - I climbed to the crater of Taal Volcano. The trail wasn't that difficult and there's a majestic view on top. I highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants to get out of Manila just for a day. It's 2-hour away by bus and the entire boat ride on the lake and trek up to the rim of the crater takes a total of just 3 hours.