Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Singapore, my second home

Postcard sent to Eastbourne, England

I caught myself in a surprise this morning. I was booking for a round-trip flight to my home country. And as everyone is probably aware (or unaware) of, when we're on a task -- there's also this endless internal chatter that we do with ourselves.

Then before I knew it, I was referring to Singapore as my second home. I think it's just timely now, being here for a year and a half. I had been thinking of being here for the interim but now I'm starting to actually build a life here. 

I am eager and excited for the future; more interesting days are yet to come ;-)

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Blue Lake Inle from Myanmar

Souvenir postcard, not sent over the mail
(c) Win Kyaw Zan, Myanmar Travel Photography

I was in Myanmar one month ago, before my trip to Japan. The postcards that I sent to myself from Japan arrived last week. But, the postcards I sent to myself from Myanmar hasn't arrived until now. I'm glad that I kept 3 postcards with me; hence, I still have a souvenir from that trip. One of the postcards is of Lake Inle, shown above. 

Yes, you read it right. I send postcards to myself whenever I am traveling. The very first one was from 2012 during my first trip to UK. That postcard could be found here. Some people find it weird. My rationale behind it is these would be nice souvenirs of my younger years. I keep my postcards in albums. I would love to flip through the pages when I'm old. I also write to myself on the back of the card -- simple things that I want to remember from the trip.

Since I'm traveling a lot more now because of work, I dedicated a new label for postcards from my trips that I share here on my blog. These postcards would be grouped under the "travel diary" label. 

Are you curious on what exact details I tell to myself on my postcards? I'd be happy to share, all you have to do is ask :D

Happy Blue Monday and I'm rolling over this post for Tuesday's Our World blogfest.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Our World and Grati - Tuesday!

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sender: Renz & Raqz
Sent: 14 Jul 2013 from Narita Airport, Japan
Received: 19 Jul 2013, Traveled 3,040 km in 6 days

I was continuously on the go; traveling overseas and really committing my time and energy for the new job lately. Being back here in Singapore from a trip in Japan, I have this intense need to just slow down, breathe, and meditate. At the same time, I am anxious about getting my ducks in a row after being overseas for 3 weeks, understanding the roles and responsibilities for my position and structuring the objectives and goals moving forward.

Since writing has always been an effective strategy to calm my nerves, I decided it would be inevitable for me to keep on trying to draw a clear line between simply sharing straightforward facts and interesting information about the postcards and stamps I post here on my page and the blog being a live journal. Oh well, no one really said I shouldn't mix the two, right? I reckon, it's probably nice for my blog visitors too to read on how I'm able to relate or on why a postcard or a stamp is significant for me. So from now on, this page will no longer be so trying hard to stay with a rigid writing format :) I think it's easier that way.

Last month, I was invited by Darla, a co-participant to the April A-Z Blogging Challenge to sign-up for another linky party. I didn't have the time to find out more until today and the linky @ The Writer's Retreat has since closed up. There's a linky party though on Vidya's page that is refreshed every month! Hurray! Vidya is Darla's inspiration for Grati-Tuesday. I believe the gratitude posts are consolidated at Vidya's page via the Gratitude Circle

And so now, for my much needed pause from the hustle and bustle of life, here's a 5-point gratitude list from the first 6 months of this year:

1. For a chance to explore roles and responsibilities for a technical position in an inter-national level for a biomedical testing and measurement manufacturing company. Two years ago, it was just a dream to be in this position.

2. For people who are confident in my capabilities to carry on with a position that I had no experience in an inter-national level. These people are also supportive; guiding and teaching me how to navigate the complexities and struggles with this new position.

3. For my first trip to Europe! For a little brown girl from a small island in the Philippines, that was such a big dream came true!

4. For an experience to party until early in the morning. I've always been the "kill joy" and it's nice to learn how to step out of my comfort zone in regards with socializing. I'm glad that despite staying out late under the influence of alcohol, I didn't go overboard; being dead drunk, wild, and crazy.

5. For being able to fly out of Yokohama, Japan area safe and sound after experiencing 2 earthquakes in a period of 4 days. That was my first trip to Japan and I want to keep good memories from that one.

I'm smiling after creating this list. It helps put things in life on a better perspective. 

The modern Tokyo postcard is my contribution to Our World Tuesday

The list is for my sanity and the Gratitude Circle ;-)