Friday, August 26, 2016

Loving is sharing joy

Outgoing: SG-221625 to United Kingdom

I have recently decided for a "soft return" into two of my [quite] long abandoned hobbies: postcard swapping & blogging. Postcards have always brought me joy. Writing and sharing these postcards with other postcards enthusiasts, had brought me even more joy. I was inactive at the website but still swapping with friends I've met from the site, friends from blogging, and sending postcards to myself. My flatmate labeled me "crazy" because of that last one. Perhaps I am! Life has been passing by so quickly and I wanted tangible souvenirs of my days spent jumping from one city/county to another.

I haven't been doing heavy back-to-back traveling for the past 3 months though. I miss the excitement and anticipation of receiving mail. One's love for postcards can never be enough. So here I am, back to "active" status in swapping postcards. In addition to that, I'm also not just going to be back to blogging but will be hosting a weekend postcards linky party. Cross fingers, my subscription to linky tools will be validated soon so I can start the linky party next weekend. Watch out for more details ;-)

For now, please enjoy the postcards for Friday at my friend, Beth's page

Happy weekend,