Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ducula mindorensis

This is the first stamp that I am sharing here w/c is not in my possession. I was inspired by the write-up about the bird stamp that Viridian posted and I was curious whether there's a stamp issued about endemic birds from my province of Oriental Mindoro.

Without much effort, I found what I am looking for in a site created for the love of Philippine Wildlife Philately. Kudos to the author of that site for the wonderful stamps of Ducula mindorensis or Mindoro Imperial Pigeon. From further research, I found out that this stamp that I lifted on that site was issued on 16 April 1979. Wow, this stamp is years older than me!

From an online fact sheet, I confirmed that the Mindoro Imperial Pigeon is under the red list for being endangered. It is decreasing in a rapid rate due to deforestation. And sadly, there are mining activities going on in my province now...I can only pray that these birds would survive so that the future Mindoreños can still see them for real.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bunad from Norway

I am definitely making this weekend lovely. From the fragrant, dainty, pink flowers and carefree butterfly yesterday from Russia, we move into Norway and we're greeted by such pretty smiles! I really feel like smiling back to the postcard whenever I look at it. Ok, ok..I am guilty, I do have my 'moments', hahaha!!

The back of the card says that the man and woman in front are wearing folk dresses from Setesdal. I searched the web and found the word, bunad. However, bunad only applies to the women's costume. I wasn't able to find the proper word for the man's costume. If anyone knows, please do let me know by posting a comment to this post. 

Trivia: Bunad is one of the oldest folk costumes in Norway and among the few that is still used until today. Source: Bunads for Women in Setesdal

Thanks Hanne for sending me this card all the way from northern Europe.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Flowers from Russia

Yihee!! I am glad that at last, I am posting my first ever and official Postcard Friendship Friday entry. The other one is kinda void because it was posted on an early Saturday.

And I am sharing here what I deem as the loveliest postcard that I've received so far. With the stress level and mental pressure that I am undergoing right now, this one is truly something really calming and comforting. Thanks so much to Anna who sent me the card all the way from Russia.

Truly, I can feel the delicate petals and smell the fragrance of these dainty pink and white flowers. I hope I can be as free as this butterfly, who doesn't have to worry about anything other than hopping from one lovely flower to another. This is giving me the good vibes for a lovely weekend. Happy Postcard Friendship Friday and happy weekend everyone!

Postcard ID: RU-460949
Traveled 8,222 km in 30 days

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jose Rizal at 150 Commemorative Stamps

The theme for the Sunday Stamps @ Viridian's Postcard Blog is patriotic and I am sharing these commemorative stamps of our national hero, Dr. Jose P Rizal for his 150th birthday.

The stamps were issued by the PhilPost on 19 June 2011. The designs featured here are those of student artists, Marc Aran C. Reyes and Lex Kempho Lacar. They won the contest on stamp designs based on interpretation of the national hero's ideals.

To elaborate more on the design of the stamps, here's an excerpt from a PhilPost article about this issue:

Designs: Marc Aran Reyes
The artist wanted to show Rizal standing with a dove beside him symbolizing Rizal’s aspiration for freedom. The Philippines, like a dove, is meant to be free from all kinds of oppression. Also depicted is the cover of the Noli Me Tangere, one of Rizal’s greatest novels. He also included the elements of the flag: the stars and the rising sun, symbolizing hope and bright future.

Lex Kempo Lacar
To show how Rizal became a pillar of the nation, there is a depiction of the colors and elements of the National flag (blue, red, three stars and a sun). The sun also symbolizes Rizal’s peaceful quest for freedom.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jelgava, Latvia

Trivia: The Rastrelli/Jelgava palace contains the sarcophagi of almost all of the Curonian dukes, except the last one. Source: wikipedia.org

Happy weekend everyone.

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