Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M is for "Molen", The Netherlands

Three days from now I will be flying over The Netherlands.

I wonder if I will see a "molen" from above. I've never seen one for real.

For letter "M" --

NL-1023366, Sender: Karin
Sent: 4 Feb 2012 from Haarlem, The Netherlands
Received: 23 Feb 2012, Traveled 10,413 km in 19 days

Molen is Dutch word for "mill". At the back of this card, the sender wrote:

I hope you will like the "molen". That's how this building on this card is called in Dutch. 



  1. Ooh, have a lovely time! I'm sure you will definitely see windmills. There's a great place called Zaanse Schans just outside Amsterdam which has a lot of heritage mills you can visit. It was my Z post last year!

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  2. I visited the Netherlands many many moons ago, I liked the place, we stayed near a place called Middlesburg, some beautiful cities and architecture. Have fun!

  3. That is so awesome, hope that your trip is awesome! As I'm sure it will be! =)

  4. Hi Maria, I saw one of these ... sort of ... on the Island of Aruba. They do a lot of Dutch things there and somehow the Island is a part of Holland ... I'm not sure about that though. Neat post!

  5. Lucky you! Tulip time there as well. Great postcards.

  6. If you go to Kinderdijk (UNESCO World Heritage), you will see a great row of them. It's a wonderful sight.


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