Thursday, April 23, 2015

T is for Tilburg Places of Worship, Netherlands

If you missed my "S" post, it was also about a place of worship.

For letter "T" --

NL-1921426, Sender: Joannes
Sent: 17 June 2013 from Tilburg, The Netherlands
Received: 29 June 2013, Traveled 10,431 km in 11 days

The sender of the postcard was very nice to give me a detailed description. He wrote:

On this card you can see almost all places of worship in Tilburg. The Hasselt Chapel (1540); a lamp in the Suleymani Mosque, St. Dionysius Church by daylight and festively illuminated; Jewish synagogue, Trappist monastery and brewery "de Koningshoeven"; former Hasselt church, now cultural center, St. Joseph Church with Sacred Heart statue in front at "de Huevel, the mosque, this time from outside the Norbertijnerpoort in Goirkestraat, again Hasselt chapel synagogue and mosque, the Cenacle former convent, the water tower in the Bredaseweg = road to Breda.

A bit of a challenge, but with persistence, you'll be able to identify which is which!



  1. What a neat postcard with all of the different places.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

  2. Hi Maria - would love to see the postcard too .. let alone visit the places .. and learn more about each of them .. fascinating .. cheers Hilary

  3. Interesting. For book club we are reading Corrie Ten Boom's The Hiding Place, which takes place in Holland. Thanks to you I now have some visuals to accompany my reading in my minds' eye. thank you!

  4. Very nice, I think I might like to visit Netherlands someday.

    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

  5. Hi Maria, In my humble opinion :-) churches make one of the better subjects for postcards. And this card is especially neat with multiple churches! Tilburg is certainly lucky to have all those churches! Nice selection for "T". Thank you for your comments on the recipes ... No, I haven't tried Big Bertha yet but it is on the list. :-) Have an excellent weekend!


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