Saturday, April 18, 2015

P is for Petronas Tower, Malaysia

Being in elevation of around 40,000 ft for the past 10 hours or so, it's but most appropriate for me to share this postcard today.

Sent: 13 March 2015 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Received: 25 March 2015, Traveled 350 km in 12 days

For letter "P" --

Petronas Tower is the tallest twin towers in the world. It stands at around 1,400 ft. I was definitely in awe and felt super small when I saw it in Kuala Lumpur early last month (March). I was only able to view it from the ground, feeling like a worm. I didn't go up cause there's a fee and I was stingy. 

What are the tall skyscapers that you've visited before? We're you able to experience going up that tall building?



  1. A picture of this was shown along with other towers on a BBC Quiz Show where contestants had to name the towers and the city where they were.
    Too high for me, stingy or not!

  2. Hi Maria, Nice work on "O" and "P" ... Yes, I did go up in the Twin Towers in NYC before 911 ... It was an experience I won't forget. These Petronas Towers are quite a bit taller! Someday I hope to see this part of the world in person ... Until then, thank you for these postcards!

  3. We have been to KL but didn't go up the towers. We went up the Twin Towers in New York not long before they were attacked, also the Empire State and Rockefeller. Also the one in Toronto. I love getting good views!
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  4. Hi Maria, I have never seen the Towers in real life but my husband has. He says they are amazing, take care xox


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