Sunday, October 9, 2016

Stamps: Post & Philately


Poland Europa 2013, features the Postman Van used by the Polish Post

Malaysia 2012, a stamp for the World Post Day showing the uniform of postmen from the 1950s

Brasil, 2009, an express national delivery postman on a motorcycle

I love that I'm able to extract these three stamps showing transportation means of postal delivery from different countries.

Finland 2013, playful and colorful "I  Postcrossing" stamp. 

Postcrossing has been a highly successful project, boosting the hobby of deltiologists. It's honestly what got me into collecting postcards.

Today is World Post Day. This event is celebrated annually to commemorate the creation of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1874. The theme this year is Innovation, Integration, and Inclusion. To read more about the celebration this year, please click here. For more postal related stamps this Sunday, please check out the participants for Sunday Stamps, here.

For my readers who are part of the postal service, thank you so much for your contribution in taking care of our mails, parcels, packets, and packages!



  1. I enjoyed the Postal Van theme of Europa 2013 but I also like seeing postmen on bicycles.

  2. All these are nice stamps that I wouldn't mind to receive! Actually, I have received one of them, the Brazilian one.

  3. My father was a mail carrier and I always thought it would be neat job. I especially would have liked to be able to ride my bike to deliver the mail (something not done here, sadly)!

  4. It's years since I saw a postman on a bicycle, now postmen and ladies all use red vans.


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