Saturday, October 15, 2016

Postcards for the weekend 7: Children from JP, USA, & PH

Sent from Yokohama, Japan by myself
Sent on 30 May 2015, Traveled 5,291 km

Since Feb 2015 when I started traveling mostly around Asia for work, I've been sending myself postcards from my trips. This one is from my first trip to Japan. There's a poem/song about Akai Kutsu that tells the story of an adopted girl, best remembered for her red shoes. According to our Japanese business partner, the little girl with red shoes is a metaphor for little girls being adopted by Americans back then, leaving Japan through the port of Yokohama. I found an article here that elaborates more about a little girl with red shoes on.

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sender: Terry
Sent from Arkansas on 3 May 2013, Traveled 13,544 km

This second card is among my favorites! Terry said that these two friends -- the blonde girl is her and the other one with black hair is me. Terry and I met through a postcards exchange group in Facebook. We became close friends through the years since meeting each other back in June 2012. Terry pointed out to me that by the leg of the stool, there's the ME initials. ME is for Mary Engelbreit, illustrator of children's books.



  1. Hi Maria, These are neat cards and perfect for the theme. The TWG card arrived and it is so cool ... thank you. Loved the "seasons" comment! :-) Thanks for hosting Postcards for the Weekend and have a great weekend yourself!

  2. The Japanese card reminds me of a paper cutout, pretty. Interesting story behind it. In the Hans Christian Anderson story Red Shoes when the shoes wouldn't stop dancing the girl who wore them was adopted.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sends themselves postcards from their travels!

  4. Sweet postcards♥...I especially like the story attached to the first postcard!

  5. Oops, it seems I came too late to the Linky postbox this weekend. So I'm cheating and putting my link here instead


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