Sunday, October 2, 2016

Stamps: Birds

I'm very happy when I saw these new stamps last week. I thought to myself, "Perfect for the upcoming Sunday Stamps theme!" 

There were four designs issued on 21 September 2016. I only have these two, though. The theme was local birds of prey in Singapore. The other two designs can be seen here.



  1. I love the name changeable hawk eagle, almost sounds like one of the shape-shifters in science fiction or fantasy novels. Perhaps I could also imagine it as being changeable in temperament. Endless possibilities. Always fascinating to see birds never seen here, nice set.

  2. I have some bird stamps from Singapore but none as splendid as these - especially that Hawk Eagle.

  3. How coincidental that these stamps were issued so recently!
    Beautiful pictures!

  4. Great stamps - I like the small white silhouettes next to the bird names.


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