Friday, April 21, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 34: Any landform

Sent by a friend from Brittany, France
Sent 06 January 2014, Traveled 11.102 km

I marveled at beautiful cliffs during our recent holiday in Malta. Such a pity that I didn't get any postcard to take back for that! Here's one instead from France.

US-1229764, Sent from Utah, USA
Sent 26 July 2011, Traveled 12,346 km in 18 days

Here we have twin cliffs! It's very nice to the eyes to see the alternating bands of red and white layers on this postcard.

Private Swap, Sent from New Zealand,
Sent 31 October 2013, Traveled 8,288 km in 7 days

Lisa, the sender wrote: This is our lovely volcanic plateau of NZ ... It feels like a different world here; it's like stepping back in time to when the dinosaurs were here!

Anyone up for trekking? I'm pretty motivated by the sunny weather on these cards. However the forecast says it will be a rainy weekend in Helsinki. Too bad as the sun is coming out now here in Gothenburg and I thought, I could have just stayed here! But my flights are booked and my Finnish penpal whom I've been writing to since 2009 is waiting for me.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,


  1. Lovely cards. The world has such fantastic scenery.

  2. Love the contrasting, and beautiful, geology. Enjoy Helsinki, it was -2c last time I corresponded with my postcrossing friend from there so looking on the bright side it will be warmer if it is raining.

  3. Very impressive landforms! I think I'll just take a little stroll down on the beach in the first image, though... ;)
    I'm not participating this weekend because of being in the midst of switching computers (setting up a new one + copying and organizing files from the old one, etc)


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