Friday, April 14, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 33: Spring, flower buds & blossoms, green foliage

I'm here in Frankfurt Airport, hoping to publish this post before the announcement of the call for boarding to Malta. My Dutch mom was half-shocked half-surprised as to why I'm going to Malta at this time of the year. She mentioned that the landscape will be dry and brown. I guess it should be an interesting change of scenery for me in contrast with Singapore that's always green

But for my blog at least, I'm pretty pleased to share these postcards for this weekend's theme:

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sent from Finland
Sent 15 June 2014, traveled 9,171 km
Friendship Gift Postcard, Sent from Finland
Sent 15 June 2014, traveled 9,171 km
FI-1997790, Sent from Finland
Sent 28 Jan 2014, Traveled 8,938 km in 18 days
NL-3558074, Sent from Netherlands,
Sent 3 Sep 2016, Traveled 10,453 km in 14 days

DE-8778042, Sent from Germany
Sent 2 Dec 2016, Traveled 10,347 km in 14 days

I've mentioned on a previous post that nature always offer me peace & serenity. Work has been extremely overwhelming again (it still is and I've managed to make it to my outbound flight!). Stealing time and searching for these postcards while preparing for this weekend's theme simulated for me in a way that feeling of being surrounded by nature. It gives me the chance to get into that space for introspection and reflection during this season of Lent. 

Wishing a Happy Easter in advance and solemn weekend ahead of us,


  1. I always like the intricate details of botanical illustrations such as the first card. I think there might be spring flowers in Malta, if there are I hope you are enjoying them.

  2. Hi Maria, These are some beautiful cards. Love the art on the third one, sent from Finland. Family visitors last weekend prevented me from getting a post completed so I could link up. Hope all is well with you and yours. Best regards from Seattle.


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