Friday, December 9, 2016

Postcards for the weekend 15: Winter Scenes

Before I moved to Singapore back in January 2014, I scanned all the postcards I have. Both the front and the back were scanned. That was a rush project with all the other things that needed to be taken cared of prior to moving. When I resumed my blogging activities three months ago, I realized that some of the cards are missing the back side scan. The postcard above is one among those without the back side scan. It makes me disappointed as it always delight me whenever I review the back side scan, re-reading the message from the sender and looking up how long and how far the postcard traveled to get to my mailbox. 

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sender: Tuija
Traveled 9,160 km

Moving on, I've never seen snow nor experienced winter. Or perhaps I did, early February this year in Korea but there was no snow ... I've never seen snow. Winter scenes with snow always look magical to me. December is the time of the year when I normally get winter scene postcards. Often, they come with holiday greetings like these two. Do you get winter scene postcards in other months of the year, too?



  1. Hi Maria, These are some beautiful cards. I like the "winter scenes" theme! Just by coincidence we got our first significant snow last night ... about 1 inch or so accumulated around my place. It is melting off pretty quickly this morning and we will be back to our usual rain. They say we may have more snow in a week or so. Thank you for hosting the link up and sharing your cards. Have a great weekend!

  2. Now I'm trying to remember whether I have every received winter scenes in summer after your question, I will have to look. Love the snowy tree.

  3. I don't think I get snowy scenes in summer. I hope that one day you get to experience snow - it's magical (so long as you don't have a long journey to work through thick snow!!)

  4. I got a few snowy postcards from friends ski or snowboarding vacation in Spring... Will send you a castle postcard after the Holiday Season...Thanks for hosting!ツ

  5. These are really lovely cards Maria! When I lived in South Africa, a lot of people there had never seen snow either. I remember one woman traveled north and saw some on a faraway mountain and started to cry because she thought it was so beautiful! On the other hand, I tend to cry when I think about snow and snow shovelling!!!

    As always, you have posted a couple of lovely cards!

  6. I love these landscapes, too. You're right, and snow has something of magic.


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