Friday, July 3, 2015

A blogger friend from England

My postcards and blogging hobby have rewarded me with many friends from all over the world. From the recent April A-Z Blogging Challenge that I participated this year, I met a few more new friends. One of them is Hilary, author of the page Positive Letters ... Inspirational Stories.

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sender: Hilary
Sent from East Sussex, England

Hilary wrote about Aspects of British Cornish for the April challenge. We followed and cheered each other all throughout those 26 days and in the end -- we both survived! What I'm sharing for today is a well fitting contribution for Postcard Friendship Friday. I'm so pleased to receive from Hilary after we finished the challenge, a multi-view postcard that shows some of the places featured on her A-Z posts. For example, Z is for Zennor, with the view found on the upper left of the postcard.

Blame my memory lapse! I promised to send her a card from my Japan trip. I'm not sure if I actually was able to send her one or not. But then, I wish the Singapore Skyline that I sent her way and recently shared here in my blog made her smile :)

I wish we're all remembering our friends (both near and far) each step of the way and keeping the promises we made to them. We might have been delayed in fulfilling a promise, but better delayed than nothing at all! Have a nice weekend ahead, blogging folks!



  1. Hi Maria .. your Myanmar postcard arrived today! So good timing for this blog post .. as you know I'm not blogging at the moment ... but thanks so much for featuring me here .. and the Cornish post - seems like I chose well for this one!

    I'll come on again tomorrow and comment further ... cheers for now - the postcard looks like quite good from here! Hilary

  2. Hi Maria, have a nice weekend ahead too.

  3. Hello Maria. I have not been to Cornwall for a year or so. Love going there and being near the sea. Lovely card too. x

  4. Thanks for posting this up ... I love the postcard of the Nuns in Bagan ... shaved heads, and matching robes. I see Bagan is in the Mandalay region in Burma and has an archaeological area - which brings in lots of tourists and specialists.

    Fascinating place to visit ... cheers Hilary


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