Sunday, June 9, 2013

Round stamps plus more!

Working on the premise that usual shape for stamps is either square or rectangle,
I am sharing these two round stamps for the unusually -shaped stamps theme for Sunday Stamps.

The first stamp is from Portugal for the 2010 Campenato do Mundo de Futebol.
It was released on 31 May 2010.

The second stamp is an aromatic stamp from Russia
It's part of the series called the Gifts of Nature issued on 27 August 2003.
Other fruits on the series are pear, melon, wild strawberry, and apple.

On this second set, the first stamp is a cross with rounded edges from Finland.
It's from the theme Flora (Trees), with a birch bud printed on it.
It was issued 24 January 2011.

The hexagon stamp is from a set of 6, souvenir stamp called Bees of Taiwan.
Shown here is the Apis cerana or the eastern honey bee.
It was issued 12 July 2012.



  1. Great selection, the hexagon is very original and perfect for the bee!

  2. The hexagon is so perfect for a bee stamp. You have certainly got some great shapes, and interesting stamps.

  3. How appropriate to have a hexagon structure for a bee - just like in a honeycomb.

  4. Scratch and sniff as we call it in the USA! Never heard of this before! What a great variety of stamps you have shared this week. Thank you.

  5. I've seen the one from Finland, but not the others. They are really special!

  6. I've seen the Finnish shaped stamp, but all of the others are new to me.
    I really like the Russian stamp.

    No stamps for me this week, but I wanted to visit anyway.

  7. I had no idea that stamps came in these shapes. The tree one from Finland is splendid.


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