Friday, May 18, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 86: Costumes

First, thank you so much Monica from Beyond the Lone Islands for correcting me on the Postcards for the weekend # for last week. I have edited the post and entered the right #.

For this weekend, our theme is costumes.

LV-257306, Sent from Riga, Latvia
Travelled 9,267 in 17 days

On this postcard are folk costumes from Latvia. I noticed plenty of fabric, beautiful headdresses, and belts. I wonder which areas of Latvia each were from ...

This postcard was given to me as a souvenir from Kenya. The Maasai is an ethnic group found in Kenya and Tanzania. A red sheet worn around the body is a preferred item of clothing.

Happy weekend,


  1. Both postcards are wonderful. I love that people in those look very natural (though they now they are being photographed, of course!).

  2. Hi Maria, Your cards are excellent for this week's theme! How is your recovery coming along? I hope you are back to 100%! Thank you for hosting the linkup!


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