Saturday, March 10, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 76: Masjid Sultan

For the theme - places of worship this weekend, I've chosen to share another postcard for one of my favorite buildings in Singapore -- Masjid Sultan.

I wrote "another" as I've previously shared another postcard for Masjid Sultan or Sultan Mosque exactly for the same theme last year. The building was gazetted as one of Singapore's National Monuments in 1975. According to a trivia from, each of the domes are decorated with glass bottle ends. The glass bottle ends were donated by poor Muslims during the construction so that all Muslims, not just the rich, could contribute.

Happy weekend everyone!



  1. That is amazing!

    I love the part about the glass bottles.

  2. I love the light colouring, beautiful building. Truly the peoples mosque with the bottle ends.

  3. I truly understand why you love this beautiful building. And I also like the story behind the domes, thanks for sharing it!

  4. Hi Maria, I was unable to get a post together for this edition of Postcards for the Weekend but hope to be back soon. I just looked at the card Eva posted and isn't it wonderful! Joy posted two beautiful places of worship! And the card you posted here, the Masjid Sultan, is another beauty! I learn something every weekend from the cards people post. Thanks, as always, for sharing and hosting! John


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