Saturday, January 13, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 68: Winter Scenes

The temperature has been dropping here in Singapore. It was around 26 two weeks ago and now it's at 22 degrees Celsius. Standing in the kitchen earlier this evening while hanging my laundry to dry, I feel the chill with the wind continuously blowing stronger than usual. This isn't normal for us here with the temperature normally ranging from 29 to 34 degrees Celsius throughout the year. 

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sent from Sweden

It makes me wonder how much cooler it is for countries where there's actually winter and where nature freezes around you. Thank you, Monica for sending me this "really snowy Christmas card". You're right, I don't get to see snow here on my side of the world. There are no four seasons in Southeast Asia. 

Private Swap, sent from Taipei, Taiwan
Traveled 1,161 km

Tracing upwards though, like in China -- some parts do freeze. Here's a frost-covered UNESCO World Heritage Site Wulingyuan Scenic & Interest Area in Hunan Province, China. According to the sender of this postcard, James Cameron's floating islands on his movie, Avatar was based on the quartz-sandstone pillars on the backdrop.

Have a nice weekend and stay warm, folks!



  1. I love snow on trees so beautiful. We have only had it on the mountain tops so far this winter. It is 6 degrees here so would love it to be a 'cool' 22;)

  2. I really love this topic and your postcards. So, I couldn't help but adding two links today: the one I had prepared, and a postcard I received before Christmas, and is one of my favourite. I hope you likes them!

  3. There is something magical about fresh falling snow. And, it is a bonus that it can be actually warmer when the snow falls!

  4. As said in comments to others' posts, I am not so fond of the cold and slipperiness snow brings with it. However, the postcards you are shoging remind me not only of the beauty of the scenery, but also of the beautiful silence. Once you get to a place where there is freshly fallen snow, I guess you will notice the different sound everything makes.
    THank you for sharing these wonderful sceneries :-)


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