Friday, November 3, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 59: Anything you wish

I'm delighted to share these two Niagara Falls postcards with you for our theme anything you wish

Postcard sent to self, Traveled 15,323 km

The Niagara Falls State Park consists of three falls - Horseshoe/Canadian, Bridal Veil, and American. From this aerial view, we have the Horseshoe or also known as the Canadian Falls. It is the largest among the three. A small portion of this falls belongs to the United States of America.

Postcard sent to self, Traveled 15,323 km

On this second postcard, we have the American Falls. It's the second largest among the three falls. On the foreground, we have a boat belonging to the company, Maid of the Mist. I had the chance for a ride, wearing pink raincoat instead of blue (shown here). The boat took us up close to the basin of the Horseshoe Falls. The experience was totally indescribable! Looking back, I felt like my world stopped while standing below the 18-stories tall thundering waterfall with 600,000 gallons/s of falling water. The billowing mist made me feel like I was only dreaming.

Here's a panoramic photo I took from the Observation Deck (American side), showing the three falls:

If you happen to visit the State of New York, do yourself a favor and visit the falls!

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  1. Those are beautiful postcards of a wonderful natural phenomena. I've seen the Niagara falls in the nineties during my trip to/in Canada (so I've only seen them from the Canadian side) and I was and keep on being amazed about the day-and-night continuing water-fall.
    Thank you for sharing!


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