Thursday, September 28, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 55: Touristic multi-view

Postcard sent to self, Traveled 1,395 km

Two months ago, I went for my very first ever mountain hike. We started from the village of Beaufort. At the back of this postcard I wrote:

From the Beaufort market, we took the car to Col du Pre. From there we headed to La Roche Parstire on 5 August. It was a very nice sunny day. The next day, 6 August was cloudy and cold. Wan & I went back to the market. We went back to see La Coop. It was a "bank of cheese". Very impressive (especially the strong smell)!

Have a relaxing weekend,


  1. Looks a lovely place for a walk. I can't resist a smelly French cheese, or for that matter any cheese.

  2. Sending yourself a card is a good way of keeping a diary of your trip.

  3. Very nice card, even if multi-view aren't, in general, my favourite postcards. By the way, had I told you that I received your postcard from this trip? Thanks! :)


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