Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Stamps: Western hemisphere

According to, the United States of America is always included in the list of western hemisphere countries since such a small portion lies in the eastern hemisphere. As such for my contribution to Sunday Stamps this weekend, I'm sharing USA stamps I received with famous American personalities from the field of literature and performing arts.

Top row, L-R

1973 August 13 8 cents stamp, Robinson Jeffers
A poet and an icon of the environmental movement

2015 September 18 Forever USA, Paul Newman
An actor and philanthropist

2011 April 11 Forever USA, Charlton Heston
An actor and political activist

2015 April 7 Forever USA, Maya Angelou
A poet and civil rights activist

Bottom row, L-R

1998 July 15 32 c. Mahalia Jackson
A gospel singer and civil rights activist

2013 May 15 Forever USA, Lydia Mendoza
A pioneer of American-Mexican music

2013 September 23 Forever USA, Ray Charles
The pioneer of the music genre, soul 

2013 June 05 Forever USA, Johnny Cash
One of the most influential musicians of the 20th century



  1. I like how they just issue one stamp that tries, and usually succeeds, in summing up a performer.

  2. I recogised ,ost of the personalities although I had not seen all of the stamps before.

  3. A nice group of stamps, and people on them. I like the music legends stamps a lot, and the Johnny Cash stamp is one of my all-time favorites.


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