Saturday, September 3, 2016

*Postcards for the weekend* linky launch

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sent from Finland

Finallly! After years of contemplating, I finally got the courage to organize my own linky party here in Blogger's world. As you might be aware, this linky party is called "Postcards for the weekend". My hope is that deltiologists who blog about their hobby can link up and share their postcards under an assigned theme each weekend. I would be very grateful if you can suggest future themes by leaving a comment on this post (and on future posts if the idea happen to pop up later). As for this weekend, if you notice on the upper left of this page -- the theme is monochrome.

A new linky will be up every weekend at 12:01 AM Saturdays and close at 11:59 PM Sundays Singapore time. Please have your entries linked up during this period by giving your name, short description of your post (ex. Maria, Linky Launch). I'm very excited to learn from which places of the globe our party reaches.

It would be awesome if we visit the pages of the other linky participants. It would be more awesome if we show our appreciation by leaving a line or two for a comment on each other's chosen postcard for the theme. Just as simple as that; no complicated rules to follow ;-)

That's all deltiology blogging folks! I hope to see you around in this party.

Cheers & happy weekend,


  1. Thanks for the invite Maria, I like your linky idea. The pink bubbly looks tempting, cheers.

  2. Hi, this seems interesting... I might join another week if I find the time :) (got the tip from John E)

  3. Hi, this looks interesting, I might join another week. (Got directed here from John E's blog.) Have added your "party link" to a list of such at the bottom of my blog.

  4. I hope I can keep up with your linky - it sounds just what I need to keep me blogging regularly. Thanks for setting it up.

  5. Good idea! I participe sometimes in "Sunday Stamps". I'll try to join the party link, too :)

  6. Some suggestions:
    -trains/railway stations/planes/airports
    -capital cities
    -post offices/mail boxes/mail carriers

    Feel free to (not)use/modify them!

  7. I have a question more than a comment. I blog the postcards that I receive according to the date that I receive them, not the subject matter like a lot of the bloggers that I see linking here. Would it be acceptable to link to an older card/blog entry on my site or should I perhaps do a kind of round up/re-blog (as in new entry/already blogged cards) to fit your topic de jour? Or maybe I should just enjoy everyone else's blogs?

    1. Hi Helen,

      I will reply here and will post a comment in one of your blogposts as well to be safe :)

      I think a round up of previously blogged cards that fit the weekend's topic would be nice. It's always great to see postcards gathered up under a single theme. But honestly, it's really up to you -- I don't want your participation to be taxing for you in the end! So if you want to link up an older post as long as the postcard fits the theme for the weekend, I think that should be okay.

    2. Thank you so much! I'll try and participate next weekend! I'm looking forward to it :-)

  8. Thank you for your invitation, Maria!
    A great idea! I'd love to participate, be it that I'm irregularly posting, and maybe - similar to Helen - will link to some older, matching posts, too.
    Anyhow it is nice to have connect the world via postcards (as we do with (sunday) stamps, where you found me :-) )
    ~ Heleen

  9. Hi Maria, This sounds like a really cool idea. I will surely try to participate in the party. It is great to see you blogging again. Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog! All the best from Seattle!


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