Monday, May 11, 2015

Blue forget-me-not blooms

I got this postcard while shopping for souvenirs during my recent trip to Gothenburg, Sweden. The postcard is quite pricey and I am looking to have it swapped for a USA state map postcard for my collection.

The designer is French Marie Cardouat. I really like her designs and this is just 1 of the 4 cards I bought. I wish her cards are available in bookstores here in Singapore. I have to check! For the meantime, I'll delight myself to the different pics posted for Blue Monday @ SmilingSally's.



  1. Hi Maria,

    It sounds as if you have a REAL collection going on. This one certainly is a gem. Isn’t it fun finding blues to share? Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. Hi Maria, I smiled when I looked at this card ... "Forget Me Not" and you probably thought I had forgotten about commenting on your blog ... NO, ha ha ... just have been taking a break from blogging ... getting caught up this morning ... I'm going slow in May ... Now, this is a GREAT card ... I love the design! Wishing you a fine week ahead!

  3. Love the card. I have a blogging friend from Sweden and I love hearing from her and about your part of the world.

  4. Gorgeous! And I like your idea for the blog. It's very fun. Best wishes!


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