Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa-believer Me!

DE-1784034, Sender: Antje
Sent from Wuppertal, Germany, Sent on 04 Dec 2012
Received on 20 Dec 2012, Traveled 10,319 km in 16 days

I rarely share long status messages in Facebook. (And in fact I haven't really shared one before!) But I was exceptionally inspired than usual last night and posted:

I thought Santa forgot about me...but yes, 20+ girls still get their Christmas wishes coming true! Got mine 50 mins before the 25th is officially over... 

Sobrang salamat po (thank you so much) Big Dad for sending Santa my way even I'm a big girl now! I'll do my best to be even nicer this perhaps my gift can come a little earlier next Christmas? Kidding...early or late, just please don't ever erase me on your list even though I'm already a toothless and demented old woman...

I hope everyone's wishes for Christmas came true! If not, I'm sure it's just a little late (like mine almost was). So let's just keep the faith that Santa will drop the gift any time soon. After all, Christmas doesn't really have to be just on the 25th right? ;-)

May we keep the spirit of Christmas: happiness, forgiveness, faith, hope, and love alive all year through! Merry 'all year long' Christmas everyone!

I wish the same for my co-bloggers, readers, and friends in the postcards blog sharing community! ;-)


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  1. Hello Maria! thanks for visiting my postcardlover blog. Happy to see another postcrosser here :)
    say Hi to Santa! :)


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