Sunday, September 15, 2013

Polish se-tenant stamps

Se-tenant : stamps with different designs that are attached to one another.
The word is French, meaning 'holding together'.

Se-tenant is this week's theme at Viridian's Sunday Stamps.

This first example is from a quadripartition on a continuous strip called Fauna and Flora of Fresh Water -- Beaver, castor, water frog, rana, birch tree, reed and other marsh plants; Kingfisher, mud crawfish, yellow swimmer, freshwater snail, water thyme, water lily and pond weed. I only have these 2 stamps out of 4. The strip was issued by the Poczta Polska, 30 March 2004.

This second example, also issued by Poczta Polska. It was issued in 29 October 2003 for the 50th Anniversary of Slask Song & Dance Ensemble. The ensemble was organized in 1 July 1953 and had it first performance in October 1954. To date, they have performed over 6,000 folk shows worldwide. On these 2 stamps, the ensemble is presented here wearing Silesia regional costume. 

The second example is a preparation for next week's theme for Sunday Stamps, traditional costumes. Looking forward for your next visit to my page! :)



  1. these are great, i wish i had them in my collection!

  2. I'm glad you pointed all there was to see in the first two stamps - at first, I didn't see much more than the beaver and kingfisher.

    and I love how those skirts billow out!

  3. I particularly like the wildlife stamps though both sets are beautiful.

  4. They have managed to get a lot of flora and fauna onto the water life stamp and beautifully vibrant colours, a nice set to own. I like the thought of the Slask Ensemble dancing along the stamps.


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