Friday, September 20, 2013

Dutch & Finnish Female Costumes

FI-1506946, Sender: Eero
Sent: 12 Aug 2012 from Jämsä, Finland
Received 7 Sep 2012, Traveled 8,885 km in 26 days
Friendship Gift Postcard, Sender: Mary
Sent: 6 May 2013 from Sassenheim, The Netherlands
Received: 14 May 2013, Traveled 10,429 km in 9 days
All along I thought the folk costume of the women on the first postcard is from Netherlands. Lo and behold! The card is from Finland and those women are wearing the Finnish traditional costume. I confused the women to be Dutch because of the similar striped skirts, the apron, and the lace cap. I'm grateful to Eero, sender of the card, who responded to my inquiry and corrected me on my assumption.

I tried pin-pointing which elements of the costume are characteristic to each. However, I realized I can't just use the second postcard with young girls wearing the traditional Dutch costume as reference or the postcards from my two previous posts, because it seems that the Finnish costume is similar to some of the other Dutch costumes found on this site.

This is a post I'm sharing for Postcard Friendship Friday. If someone who has the knowledge of European folk/traditional costumes can read this post, I will be very grateful if he/she can be friendly enough to enlighten me about the difference/s between the two.

As promised, the theme for this week for my posts are traditional costumes. I have scanned stamps with traditional costumes from more countries. Please wish me luck that I don't confuse myself in identifying the stamps. I have more postcards with traditional costumes but I'll save them for future posts.



  1. How perfectly wonderful! I love these postcards, and the interesting facts you uncovered! Marvelous!

    Love you, dear Maria! ((hugs)) Have a lovely weekend, and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

  2. the little girls are very cute.

    thank you for your visit!

  3. There are probably lots of regional variations in the Finnish costumes too.

  4. Hello hello sweet girl,

    That so lovely. I also receiving my first cards from Finland, but no one of them were typical like yours. I like the way to present them as well.

    All my best



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