Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Stamps: Eastern Hemisphere

Received in three different occasions, I'm happy to discover that I have all four stamps from the miniature sheet called Art Post 20--15. It was released by the Finland Posti on 11 September 2015. The four designs are by the creative agency Vanhatapio and Saksi. The theme for the designs are "cinematic and literary references that allow the imagination to create the set and setting for events".

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 25: Gratitude

Searching for postcards to share for this weekend's theme reminded me of the interconnectivity of these four themes I've chosen for this month of February. Please forgive me if the cards might seem redundant with the emotions they convey ...

NL-2055263, sent from Den Haag, The Netherlands
Traveled 10,451 km in 15 days
...gratitude for receiving attention

UA-1478123, sent from Kharkov, Ukraine
Traveled 8,316 km in 17 days
...gratitude for being outside in nature under the warmth of the sun

Direct Swap, sent from Munich, Germany
...gratitude for having food and drinks on the table 

NL-3556071, sent from Volendam, The Netherlands
Traveled 10,517 km in 17 days
...gratitude for seeing and receiving a present from a good friend.

Happy weekend everyone and looking forward into seeing your postcards,

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Stamps: Western hemisphere

According to, the United States of America is always included in the list of western hemisphere countries since such a small portion lies in the eastern hemisphere. As such for my contribution to Sunday Stamps this weekend, I'm sharing USA stamps I received with famous American personalities from the field of literature and performing arts.

Top row, L-R

1973 August 13 8 cents stamp, Robinson Jeffers
A poet and an icon of the environmental movement

2015 September 18 Forever USA, Paul Newman
An actor and philanthropist

2011 April 11 Forever USA, Charlton Heston
An actor and political activist

2015 April 7 Forever USA, Maya Angelou
A poet and civil rights activist

Bottom row, L-R

1998 July 15 32 c. Mahalia Jackson
A gospel singer and civil rights activist

2013 May 15 Forever USA, Lydia Mendoza
A pioneer of American-Mexican music

2013 September 23 Forever USA, Ray Charles
The pioneer of the music genre, soul 

2013 June 05 Forever USA, Johnny Cash
One of the most influential musicians of the 20th century


Friday, February 10, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 24: Love

Private Swap, Sent from JM Aalten, The Netherlands
Sent 21 Sep 2011, Traveled 10,374 km 

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sent from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I don't have the words to describe these gestures of love and affection ...

Lovely weekend everyone,

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday Stamps: Southern hemisphere

The four themes for this month of February for Sunday Stamps hosted by Sanna @ See It On A Postcard challenge my geographical recall ... pretty exciting! The first theme is southern hemisphere. According to wiki, the entire mainland of Australia is in the southern hemisphere. 

One of the iconic Australian animals is the platypus (Ornithorhynchus atatinus). On the 2016 issue above, it's shown against a background of its native foliage. 

Integral to the Australian identity, too is surfing. The 2013 stamp is one of four domestic base-rate (60 cents) commemorative issued for the 50th Anniversary of Surfing Australia.

Again, according to wiki, Chinese Australians are one of the largest groups of overseas Chinese people and largest in Oceania as of 2011. For Chinese people around the world, the Lunar New Year begins on 28 January for 2017. Australia Post issued two Christmas Island Year of the Fire Rooster stamps this year. The $1 stamp is above and the other one, $3 stamp can be seen here

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