Friday, August 26, 2016

Loving is sharing joy

Outgoing: SG-221625 to United Kingdom

I have recently decided for a "soft return" into two of my [quite] long abandoned hobbies: postcard swapping & blogging. Postcards have always brought me joy. Writing and sharing these postcards with other postcards enthusiasts, had brought me even more joy. I was inactive at the website but still swapping with friends I've met from the site, friends from blogging, and sending postcards to myself. My flatmate labeled me "crazy" because of that last one. Perhaps I am! Life has been passing by so quickly and I wanted tangible souvenirs of my days spent jumping from one city/county to another.

I haven't been doing heavy back-to-back traveling for the past 3 months though. I miss the excitement and anticipation of receiving mail. One's love for postcards can never be enough. So here I am, back to "active" status in swapping postcards. In addition to that, I'm also not just going to be back to blogging but will be hosting a weekend postcards blog hop. Cross fingers, my subscription to linky tools will be validated soon so I can start the linky party next weekend. Watch out for more details ;-)

For now, please enjoy the postcards for Friday at my friend, Beth's page

Happy weekend,

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Just between the two of us, France

The stamp was issued in 24 October 2011. I was curious with the signature "Ben" and upon reading further, I found out that the designer's name is Benjamin Vautier. According to Google, "He is also active in Mail-Art and is mostly known for his text-based paintings".


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Colourful HDB Flats, Singapore

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sender: My twin (bestfriend)
Sent: 4 Nov 2013 from Singapore
Received: 11 Nov 2013, traveled 2,391 km in 8 days

One-week shy of the anniversary when this card was sent to me. That was also the period when I seriously considered making Singapore, my second home.

Few words to share for this post, in response to Wordless Wednesday, also hosted @ image-in-ing.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cambodia in my mind

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sender: My twin (bestfriend)
Sent: 25 June 2015 from Phnom Pehn Airport

Should / If you have / had the time to check out my previous posts about Cambodia, you know that Cambodia was just a dream back in 2009.

Fast forward to this year, 2015 -- my mind has been constantly wandering into being back to that country. The possibility to witness the above with the magnificent silhouette of Angkor Wat during sunrise in Siem Reap is slim. But I would be happy, even just with the sunrise in Phnom Pehn, seen in this photo below. The photo is also from "my twin". He captured this while we're having breakfast on a wooden boat, cruising along the Tonle Sap River.

Check out an amazing collection of photos from around the world, by clicking here.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Taal Volcano, Philippines

Sent to Mircea in Romania

I am just back here in Singapore from a 10-day vacation in my home country, Philippines. I did a Manila-Ilocos-Manila-Tagaytay-Manila tour; basically north of the country. In Ilocos, I visited the old Spanish town in Vigan, "rollercoaster-ed" and surfed on the sand in Paoay. I wanted to share a Vigan postcard but I realized that the one I had was posted here in my blog, 3 years ago.

In Tagaytay, for the third time - I climbed to the crater of Taal Volcano. The trail wasn't that difficult and there's a majestic view on top. I highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants to get out of Manila just for a day. It's 2-hour away by bus and the entire boat ride on the lake and trek up to the rim of the crater takes a total of just 3 hours.