Saturday, March 17, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 77: Sunrise/sunset

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sent from Boras, Sweden
Sent 16 March 2017, Traveled 9,926 km

Thank you very much, Monica (Beyond the Lone Islands) for sending me this postcard!

It's such a relaxing image to cap the week with. I am in Seoul attending an international medical equipment show. Yesterday I did a product presentation. It's such a relief that the presentation is over now. I'm calm and looking forward into viewing sunrise/sunset postcards from my blogging friends this weekend.


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 76: Masjid Sultan

For the theme - places of worship this weekend, I've chosen to share another postcard for one of my favorite buildings in Singapore -- Masjid Sultan.

I wrote "another" as I've previously shared another postcard for Masjid Sultan or Sultan Mosque exactly for the same theme last year. The building was gazetted as one of Singapore's National Monuments in 1975. According to a trivia from, each of the domes are decorated with glass bottle ends. The glass bottle ends were donated by poor Muslims during the construction so that all Muslims, not just the rich, could contribute.

Happy weekend everyone!


Friday, March 2, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 75: Anything you wish

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sent from Arkansas, USA
Sent 6 Sep 2017, Traveled 15,627 km

Yesterday, the United Kingdom celebrated the World Book Day 2018. I picked this card as the message from the sender is very appropriate for yesterday's event: I thought of you when I saw this card, knowing how much you love to read. 

The sender is a voracious reader herself. According to the sender, Kirsten is from the 1800's. The label behind the postcard says that this illustration is entitled, Kirsten relaxing with her favorite book by Renee Graef.

Happy weekend, everyone!


Friday, February 23, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 74: Serenity/Peace/Calm

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sent from Yachiyo
Sent 16 Feb 2012, Traveled 3,022 km
I received this postcard from a Japanese acquaintance 6 years ago. The postcard didn't make any sense to me until I had the chance to travel to Kyoto, Japan and see an actual Zen garden back in November 2016.

This rock Zen garden is of The Temple of the Dragon at Peace (Ryoan-ji). This garden and the temple are listed as one of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On this postcard, the garden is viewed at a seated position on the veranda of the abbott of the monastery/temple. There has been plenty of attempts to explain the careful placement of stones in the garden. According to a Garden historian, Gunter Nitschke, "The garden at Ryoan-ji does not symbolize anything, or more precisely, to avoid any misunderstanding, the garden at Ryoan-ji does not symbolize, nor does it have the value of reproducing a natural beauty that one can find in the real or mythical world. I consider it to be an abstract composition of natural objects in space, a composition whose function is to incite meditation."

Wishing you all a calm and peaceful weekend,

Friday, February 16, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 73: Happiness/Joy

Private Swap, Sent from Morges, Switzerland
Sent 3 Oct 2016, Traveled 10,451 km

On top of this perfectly joyous picture of little girls enjoying fondue, what made me pick this postcard for this weekend's theme was the message at the back. The sender wrote, "The Swiss national dish: fondue (cheese + white wine). I am not the father of these lovely girls!" -- I chuckled!

On a side note, I'm really happy as I'm here in the Philippines since Tuesday. It's so good to be back home!