Sunday, September 22, 2013

Colors and Patterns

I'm under the lazy bed weather mood right now. It's been raining since yesterday evening and the whistling strong winds kept me up for most of the night. I woke up an hour ago (it's noon now), with a heavy head. I feel like doing nothing other than enjoy the warmth of bed. But of course, it's Sunday...and I've been excited to share the stamp I scanned last weekend for the theme: ethnic or national costumes.

I am interpreting this widely and including folk and traditional costumes.

To cap off the feature on Dutch costumes on my blog this week, here's a stamp from the Grenzeloos Nederland series 2010. Grenzeloos means 'boundless' and the series' theme is beyond borders - ancient ties of the Netherlands. For the August 2010 issue, the series featured the Netherlands influence on its former colony, Suriname.

This second stamp from the 2010 issue shows parallels between the Afro-Surinamese kotomisse and the Dutch women's costume. Uncle Wiki said that the koto was a functional dress. It's purpose was to protect the slave woman against their master's sexual interest. The stamp designer AriĆ«nne Boelens said that the dress made the Creole women unattractive, similar to the Dutch women's style that is pious and veiled.

With my Friday post including a postcard of Finnish traditional costume along with the Dutch, I'm adding more colors and patterns on this feature. We're moving east from the Netherlands, to Belarus and Ukraine.

Issued on 18 August 2005, this stamp shows the Belarusian national costume for the Lepel region. The designer was Vladimir Savich. Characteristic of this costume is the white and red embroidery.

On these stamps, issued on 10 December 2004, we have Ukranian folk costumes. On the left is from a wedding in The Land of Ivano-Frankivsk, on the right is the exaltation of the cross from the Land of Lviv. 

For more stamps with traditional/folk/ethnic costumes, check out Viridian's blog roll at Sunday Stamps.



  1. Wow, so beautiful stamps! I like specially the Belarussian stamp, the way it mixes the traditional dresses with modern design. Good choice!

  2. I like the theme of the Dutch stamp, although the same dress style the Suriname use of colour makes them very contrasting,

  3. Very interesting variety of stamps, i have only ever seen the ones from ukraine. Why is belarus hiding all those from me?! xD

  4. The design of that Belorussian stamp reminds me of the designs on sewing pattern envelopes.

  5. Clothing to make you unattractive... hmm. Still wonderful stamps!! Thank you for participating this week!

  6. This is all very interesting , wonderful stamps too. Just wondering if my card has shown up yet ?? I cannot believe that it has take so long ,, I am going to send another one this week xx

  7. Woo Maria, lucky I love them all, but my favorite are the two lastest. I must checked the stamps as well for the finnish cards I've received.


  8. I had the same thought as Postcardy re: the Belorussian stamp!
    And the dresses of the Dutch stamp aren't very flattering, really, but I still like to see them.

  9. Every one of these beautiful stamps is new to me.

  10. cool to see the 2004 Ukrainian stamps as well =) and those Dutch ones are really cool...Im always happy to see some new Dutch ones cos I mainly see the regular definitives/machine stamps or such
    and oh boy, do I know that lazy feeling when the rain is just pouring outside :)))


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