Monday, September 16, 2013

Dutch costumes: The High Pointed Bonnet & The Striped Apron

NL-1527421, Sender: Negrita
Sent: 4 Nov 2012 from Nijmegen, Netherlands
Received: 15 Nov 2012, Traveled 10,370 km 11 days
This week, I will be posting postcards featuring traditional costumes, mostly from the Netherlands. My first pick is this card sent from Nijmegen, the oldest city of the kingdom in the northwest Europe. 

Perhaps the most striking feature of the Dutch traditional costume is the peaked lace hat with wings and the brightly striped blue and white apron. From my internet research, this is characteristic of the Volendam town in North Holland. Uncle Wiki said that right now, only around 50 elderly women in Volendam wears this costume as part of their daily lives. However, there's a museum in the town about its history and clothing style where "visitors can have their pictures taken in traditional Dutch costumes".

I found an extensive write-up about the Volendam traditional costume on the Folk Costume & Embroidery blog of Roman K. To read more about this costume which is often printed on Dutch postcards and posters, click here.

To chase away Monday blues, check out pretty blue photos at Smiling Sally's Blue Monday meme. 

At the back of the card, Negrita wrote to me: Het leven is mooi! It means "Life is beautiful!" I'm telling this to myself in front of the mirror today for a beautiful start this week ;-)



  1. Hi Maria,

    Thanks for sharing this darling postcard and information.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. The dutch costumes are so pretty--always liked the blues they have in almost all pictures.

  3. Sweet postcard! Interesting about the women who still dress in the old ways -- I remember such a town from my visit to the Netherlands (many years ago) -- it may have been Volendam since my brother lived in Vlaardingen (near Rotterdam) and we took numerous trips in and around Amsterdam!

  4. I hope that this tradition will be handed down to the next generation but I guess that wearing the full costume is not very practical! Thank you so much for leaving such kind remarks on my blog!

  5. Hi Maria , this card is so cute, reminds me when I used to live in Holland and Germany a long time ago.

    Big thank you for my card too ,, it arrived yesterday :-) ♥ I hope yours arrived , do let me know. take care Anne

  6. what a cute card and a wonderful way to exchange snail mail....which i happen to love!!

  7. This one is cute too and I hope to get one in the future. :)


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