Saturday, September 7, 2013

Indian-themed forest park

Last night, I was typing a Postcard Friendship Friday post ... but I was nodding off in front of my laptop. I decided to do it this morning instead; yesterday was exhausting but fun-filled as well. I'm congratulating myself for overcoming my fear and ziplining for the first time! Woohoo! We finished early with the supposedly '5-day' inspection. So to celebrate, we treated ourselves for a day of adventure at a forest park.

The forest park has two entrance. We went first to the zipline area and then on the other side, there's an Indian village installation. Look! I was allowed to pet that wild boar and even have it in our photo! -- Ah, me and my imagination...

The place was really nice. It was incredible experience being up there. The forest park is on a mountain; there's green everywhere and the wind was chilly. I kinda regret not bringing or wearing thicker clothing. On the good side, the adrenaline-pumping activities warmed us up enough. There were many things to do on the Indian village but on a second thought, I was asking myself "Why an Indian village theme park and not an indigenous Filipino tribe?" ... Anyway, that's just me being me. And I think in an effort to prolong the euphoria of yesterday, I'm sharing here the Indian postcards from my collection.

Plume - A Medicine Man of the Blood Tribe
Facebook Swap, Sender: Terry Lovell
Sent from Sherwood, AR, Traveled ~12,288 km

CA-324505, Sender: Nature-Lover
Sent on 9 Mar 2013 from Ontario, Canada
Received 1 Apr 2013, Traveled 12,410 km in 23 days

Amerindian Dancer
Facebook Swap, Sender: Lidiya
Sent: 6 July 2012 from Quebec, Canada
Received 26 July 2012, Traveled 13,137.6 km in 20 days

I'm posting this from the south of the Philippines, the city of Cagayan de Oro. I won't be flying back to Manila until after lunch. The inspection (and the fun) was over. While waiting for my flight, I'll work on my report because Monday I gotta fly out again for another assignment. So that's all for now folks! I wish all of you, a relaxing weekend.


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  1. These are wonderful! lol By the way, don't worry about posting this morning instead of yesterday, sweet girl--PFF is open until Thursday night! (grin)

    Wow--you are traveling all over the place! Have a great weekend yourself, Maria! Happy PFF!


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