Thursday, September 26, 2013

Je suis amoureuse de toi!

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sender: Sebastien
Sent: 9 Sep 2013 from Cadillac, France
Received: 18 Sep 2013, Traveled ~11,526 km in 9 days

This is a surprise card from a postcard swapping friend in France. He knows that my beau is French. It's so nice of him to gift me this card, together with the bunch we've agreed for swap. He also wrote the translation for the phrase on the card, and it came with an instruction.

I'm writing this post with sweet smile on my face -- I can glance at my beau from time to time, sleeping on the other side of the screen. Thanks to technology, we can be together despite the distance. As I watch him sleep and as I ponder on the events this evening (we had a little misunderstanding), I come to realize even more the essence of love.

Love isn't just about the amorous feelings. Love isn't just about the times when you can understand each other without saying a word. Love isn't just about the feeling of "belonging" and "being at home" with the person.

Tonight I gained more understanding on the need for love to be stronger when you are not in the same page with things. Love is recognizing that the person you're with won't necessarily hold things in the same level of importance as you do. Love is respecting the other person. Love is explaining your side but not insisting that your partner gets to believe the same thing, too.

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  1. Oh Maria. This post made me cry. Seriously. I'm having to mop my eyes just to post this comment. What an amazing woman you are - your heart is so huge - your love is so precious and strong. Your special beau must be an awesome person too - otherwise you would not love him so.
    Bless you, my friend. You are incredible.

  2. You are such a wise young lady. Tears here, too, dear girl. ((hugs)) I also see that you are an amazing young woman. And your beau, as Sissy says, must be one special fellow!

    Thank you, too, for your encouraging words about my artwork. I don't draw for children's books YET. lol ((hugs))


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