Friday, August 30, 2013

Albert Einstein: Self-Portrait

Albert Einstein, c. mid-1920's
Photograph courtesy of American Institute of Physics - Niels Bohr Laboratory
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"One doesn't need to understand the world, it's enough to find one's way around it."
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Mass-Energy Equivalence
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August 2013 is Inventor's Month. Before it ends, I wish to share some of my Einstein postcards and also one of my favorite essays of him from the book, Albert Einstein: Out Of My Later Years. --


Of what is significant in one's own existence one is hardly aware, and it certainly should not bother the other fellow. What does a fish know about the water in which he swims all his life?

The bitter and the sweet come from the outside, the hard from within, from one's own efforts. For the most part I do the thing which my own nature drives me to do. It is embarrassing to earn so much respect and love for it. Arrows of hate have been shot at me too; but they never hit me, because somehow they belonged to another world, with which I have no connection whatsoever.

I live in the solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.

The English translation of the quote on the second postcard was by the sender. Thinking deeper of it, I believe it's a shorter version of the essay I found on the book.

Sharing these postcards for Beth's Postcard Friendship Friday. Wishing every one a relaxing weekend.



  1. I think that's funny that you have so many Einstein postcards!
    And I can so relate to that bit about living in solitude being delicious in maturity :)

  2. I have always admired and loved Einstein. I didn't realize he could draw--and that he'd made a self-portrait! How fun. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful wonderful postcards.

    Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!


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