Friday, August 16, 2013

Beauties of Paris

Sender: The future
Sent: 2 Aug 2013
Rcvd: 12 Aug 2013
Today's post is inspired by last Postcard Friendship Friday's entry of Grace. She's French, a marketing strategy consultant, who also loves postcards. I can't exactly remember how we bumped into each other here at bloggers but ever since then, I've always loved visiting her page.

Her entry, 'Three Faces of Paris Beauty' shows postcards with the Eiffel Tower, a mix of French attractions (Montmartre, Mona Lisa, Arc de Triomphe, etc.), and Pont Alexandre III arch bridge. Following her post, I'm sharing here a bookmark, which I saw in my study table today, upon returning in my apartment from fieldwork. 

I got a message at the back of it: Someday in the not so far future, you will be sitting where this woman is, reading a book with your lover beside you. It was signed: Yours faithfully, the future -- Today is "Tell A Joke Day" and if the muse of destiny is gonna play a beautiful joke on me, may it be that this message of the future becomes a reality.

Still following Graces' lead, my second card is the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre -- the famous church on top of a hill at the heart of Paris. On a separate post from the past, I posted a postcard with the steps leading up the church. The name of the church means "mount of martyrs" because many saints visited the hill. The church is dedicated to the Heart of Jesus.

Facebook Swap, Sender: Ulla
Sent: 26 Nov 2012, Sent from
Marly, France, Rcvd: 28 Dec 2012
Traveled ~10,900 km in 32 days
If you checked Grace's entry, you can see that my third card is another view of the Pont Alexandre III arch bridge -- which is also the third card on her post. This historical monument spanning the Siene River connects the Champs-Élysées quarter and the Invalides and Eiffel Tower quarter.

Together with the bookmark from Paris above, I also received 9 other postcards from France today. I'm so excited to share them all here but will save them for future posts. I have two views of Avignon, two views of Le Mont Saint Michel, a postcard of raclette, one view of Saint Emilion, one of Le Pont du Gard, a card of La Grotte De Lascaux, and of Conques.

I am also very excited because Ulla, the sender of the 2 postcards on this post, has just agreed to send me two postcards of Alsace.

I am happy that I'm getting postcards of France from private swaps because I seldom get one from the official postcrossing website.

Facebook Postcard Swap, Sender: Ulla
Sent & Received dates similar to the one above

I am sharing this with Beth's PFF. Check out her blog roll at The Best Hearts Are Crunchy for more postcards to enjoy reading and viewing for the weekend. I am also sharing with Paulita at The Accidental Blog for the Dreaming of France blog roll. 'The future's message and the France postcards I got today have truly made me dreaming even more of France.



  1. I can't imagine a postcard from Paris not being beautiful!

    Thanks for visiting. I, too, am wondering about Beth.

  2. I'll agree with VioletSky - I can't imagine a postcard from Paris not being beautiful!!

    I haven't talked with Beth for a couple of days, but I know our brother is visiting from far away, and she's spending her time offline with him, his wife and 2 kids. They are meeting up with other members of the family at various times and they are doing a lot of traveling around. I'll let her know you have asked about her.

  3. Paris is a beautiful place and I never tire of photographing her.

  4. Hello Maria ,, thank you for coming over to my blog via Dreaming of France ,, so happy that you enjoyed and liked my photos . My friend and I spent a week in Monaco for the Formual 1 racing ,, ,, Do you collect postcards just from France or all over the world ,, would you like to swap ,, if so here is my email ,,,

    you can send me details via there , if you like , I collect postcards too, I used to do Postcrossing but that stopped , and now I get cards from bloggers too .take care and let me know, I have just been to Paris for 5 days too :-)

  5. I didn't know you wanted cards from France or I'd have sent you some. I'm going to be back there September/October though if you'd like any in an envelope before then, I have some with me in the UK.

  6. Wow Maria,

    What a wonderful post...Thank you so much dearest for mentionning me, you're so cute. Yes indeed you had the winter version of the Alexander Bridge. I'm very happy for all the postcards you'll received or already received from France. I have been in Avignon, Saint Michel and I'm sure you'll have beautiful views of those places.

    Can't wait to see your next beauties...

    Hug from Grace


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