Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ethnic groups of Vietnam

The info sheet that came with the stamp set reads:

Vietnam is the home of 54 ethnic groups. They have been living in harmony on the S-shaped land for thousand of years and fostering a rich and diversified culture.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Independence Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Ministry of Posts and Telematics issued a definitive stamp set "Vietnamese Community of Ethnic Groups" consisting of 54 values, the largest number in the history of issuing Vietnam's Revolutionary Postage Stamp up to now.

Images on these are the characteristics of 54 ethnic groups respectively. On the basis of the "standard" value of King Group selected from all competition works, the artist designed stamps 53 other ethnic groups so as to ensure harmony in terms of form and the substance, as well as presentation style in the whole series. The ethnic groups are arranged in alphabetic order with two vignettes carrying the national flag, Dong Son Bronze Drum and the wordings: "60th anniversary of the foundation of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam": The country of Vietnam is an entity. Rivers can go dry, mountains can collapse but this truth cannot be denied."

I believe I got this stamp sheet in 2011. It was a gift from my beau, who was doing his internship in Vietnam back then.

This is my first post for Viridian's Sunday Stamps after being gone for a month. I'm glad the theme for this week is "anything you wish" so I grabbed this chance of posting this really special stamp sheet that I've been meaning to share for quite a while. I believe I just got the best opportunity to do so! ;-)



  1. A great sheet, what a lot of varieties and very difficult to collect all of them used individually, I would imagine. Nice to see you posting again :)

  2. Wow that is some sheet and does, as the info sheet says, create a harmonious whole. I love traditional costumes on stamps.

  3. That's an impressive stamp sheet. I am surprised at the number of ethnic groups.

  4. what an awesome sheet! I love cards/stamps featuring indigenous people/traditional costumes etc, and this one is truly a gem!
    btw, seems that 'anything you wish' is a good way for a come back to Sunday Stamps ;-)

  5. What a wonderful sheet! Am I correct in thinking that in the background is a typical dwelling for each ethnic group?
    Thank you for participating, and glad to see you back.

    1. It didn't say in the info sheet but I believe your guess is right, Viridian :)

  6. Super sheet of stamps - it would have been ideal for 2 weeks time!

  7. omg, What a beautiful gift!!
    and I had no idea there were that many ethnic groups in Vietnam.

  8. I only have one stamp from Vietnamn and it's none like any of cute!!


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