Friday, August 23, 2013

Paris vs. New York 2

Facebook Postcard Swap, Sender: Terry
Sent: 3 May 2013, Sent from Sherwood, AR
Traveled ~12,288 km

My first Paris vs. New York post made me hungry, now I'm thirsty. 

The title for this comparison is l'apéro - the colloquial form of l'apéritif. According to Uncle Wiki, "This name is given to a drink, usually alcoholic, taken before a meal. It also relates to the 'social event' that happens alongside the actual drinking, for example going over the days/weeks events or just keeping up to date with friends/family events also involving little munchies, crisps, pastries, etc."

On the French side, of course we have bordeaux, which refers to grapes used to make the wine. Bordeaux is a place in southwest France notable for producing wine. It has a rich heritage of wine production and wines produced using Bordeaux grape varieties have registered names or are trademarked. For easy reference and for universal parlance, the wines are referred to as bordeaux.

On the American side, we have cosmo, or cosmopolitan. It is a cocktail made of vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec, and lime juice. It's served in a martini glass, garnished by a lemon twist. It became popular because of the HBO show, Sex and the City. This cocktail is light and fruity, a good choice for a casual night out with girl friends as seen in that tv series.

Personally, wine drinking appears to me as classic and relaxed, while cosmo (cocktail) drinking is hip and bubbly. I was first introduced to cosmo drinking; it's more of a feminine alcoholic drink. Now with the French beau who has a sommelier friend and housemate, I got to try different bottles of good wine. My taste has since preferred the more refined sensations of drinking wine. On a second thought though, both wine and cocktail drinks make me dead sleepy so I guess the difference doesn't really matter in the end. 

Yesterday is a 'Be An Angel Day' -- it's all about making the world a better place through acts of kindness, care, and support. I would like to note that in my deltiology and philately world, Terry - the sender of this postcard is one of my angels. She often sends me extra/surprise card with the cards arranged for swap. Also, the sisters Clytie of Random Hearts and Beth of The Best Hearts Are Crunchy are my angels, too. They allow me to share my postcards and stamps collection to a bigger audience.

Sharing with Beth for the Postcard Friendship Friday and Paulita for Dreaming of France, cheers for the weekend and for next week, everyone! 



  1. Drinking alcohol also makes me sleepy. One reason I didn't like going out drinking with friends when I was younger - they all got rowdier and I got mellower!
    I love these Paris vs NYC cards.

  2. It's a funny card indeed Maria. I don't remember having test the cosmo, of course a lot of my girl friends did during our special Sex and the city party night, I'm more into red wine when it's come to drink and baileys if I have to choose something else.

    I hope you're fine dear !


  3. I didn't know that they'd made postcards from this book, it fully helps explain my Paris fascination, right there on a little card.

  4. Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France today and I like your analysis of the difference between Paris and NYC drinks. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  5. Love that postcard! I've been wanting wine more recently, mostly because of how well it goes with cheese!

  6. What fun. What a lovely post! I really loved it. The postcard is perfect.

    Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!


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