Sunday, August 4, 2013

Philippine Marine Biodiversity

Probably this is the effect of being gone too long... I'm posting two entries for Sunday Stamps today. :)

I had the chance to see the beautiful corals in Coron, Palawan back in February this year. It was really amazing to learn about the role of this beautiful underwater fauna in supporting marine biodiversity. Reviewing the underwater photos from that trip, it's calming to see the peaceful and colorful environment of the fishes very similar to these in the stamp set.

It is important to note that the Palawan has the most beautiful coral reefs in the country, with the UNESCO listed Tubbataha Reef being in the area. For just the first half of this year, one US Navy ship and one Chinese fishing vessel crashed into that precious site. Looking at these dainty and cute fishes, you can just imagine their horror and panic with the big ships running aground their's heartbreaking.

*sigh* Moving on, I was lucky to be at our central post office on Thursday, 2 August when this sheet was released. This was issued for our participation at the Thailand 2013 World Stamp Exhibition. It's happening at the Siam Paragon Hall Shopping Complex since 2 until 14 August 2013.

I hope that with this issue, more awareness can be raised about how beautiful the Philippine marine biodiversity is and we'll be more vigilant in protecting our national riches found in the sea.



  1. Hi Maria, thank you for dropping a comment in my blog. sana nga neighbors tayo para anytime ako maka borrow ng scanner. :)

    anyway, you are so lucky to get a pc of this mini sheet of corals. I am sure this will not reach iligan city na. pang central PO lang siguro ito. :) bt somehow on september 23 or 24 me and daughter can visit MCPO

  2. Yes our seas are precious things. Nice underwater view, I like all the detailed fishy background.

  3. That's a beautiful sheet. It must be amazing to see that environment underwater.

  4. glad that you are having two entries today :) this one is just as beautiful and I love the colours! The sheet and the story remind me of "Looking for Nemo" -:))))

  5. That is a beautiful, healthy reef. Save a sheet of stamps for two weeks from now!
    Thank you for participating.

  6. I've always wanted to see a coral reef in person - our ocean is just too cold to support one. I like Ana's comment about "Nemo" - she's right!

  7. Fish are such calming things to watch. Love the bright colours in this set.

  8. Everyone seems to be using up their sheets too soon. This one is superb.

  9. i love mini-sheets and this is a beautiful example :)


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