Thursday, September 13, 2012

Resilient Heart

Samsung Touchnote Postcard, Sender: Ines Rudloff
Sent from Hanover, Germany, Sent date not stamped on card
Received on 12 Sep 2012, Traveled ~ 10,277 km

I still believe in the resilience of the human heart and the essential validity of love;
I  still believe that connections between people can be made 
and that the spirits which inhabits us sometimes touch.
- introductory notes for Four Past Midnight
Stephen King

Touchnote ran a send free postcards promotion concurrent with the Summer Olympics and the Paralympics. This is one of the cards I got yesterday, along with 8 more Touchnote cards and two regular postcards. No cards received today...One more day before the weekend, crossing my fingers for more cards to arrive tomorrow! :D Follow me to Clytie's Random Hearts page for more hearty posts!

~ maria


  1. Another gorgeous heart postcard - I really appreciate how you note how far these cards traveled to get to you. And the Stephen King quote is PERFECT!!!

  2. what a nice card, i haven't had the time to exchange touch note, sadly i haven't receive even one.

  3. That's a neat postcard, I like the colored hearts among the monochromatic rocks.


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