Monday, September 10, 2012

Kitty High Five!

I have these two perfectly matching cards from September last year. 

I love the complete picture of indulgence on the first card -- as how a simple gesture of affection from the striped kitty makes the spotted kitty really happy. I can imagine the spotted kitty giggling with pleasure. And it's like she's suggesting a high five for it. Hehe. 

The second card is like a zoomed image of that high five! :D

Postcard perfect indeed! Happy Monday everyone. May we all have a happy week.

~ maria

Postcrossing Private Swap                                                      Postcrossing Private Swap
Sender: Joke Roodenburg                                                        Sender: Masha/Chuvi
Sent from JM Aalten, The Netherlands                                      Sent from Moscow, Russia
Sent on 21 September 2011                                                     Sent on 20 September 2011
Received date not stamped on card                                          Received date not stamped on card
Traveled ~ 10,446 km                                                              Traveled 8,560.4 km


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