Monday, September 17, 2012


Here are two cards that I received from late August and mid September last year. Both cards are from eastern Finland. Most of the east and central Finland is known as the Järvi Suomi or the Finnish Lakeland. This is the largest among the 4 landscape regions to which Finland is divided.

FI-1170093, Sender: Kirsi
Sent from Kuopio, Finland, Sent on 10 August 2011
Received on 28 August 2011, Traveled 9,552 km in 18 days

Hello from eastern Finland, area called Lakeland. There are over 10,000 lakes in Finland, most of them are in east. During summertime, sun doesn't go down at all so we don't get real sunsets. With happy wishes, Kirsi.

FI-1199790, Sender: Jaana
Sent from Mikkeli, Finland, Sent on 13 Sep 2012
Received on 26 Sep 2011, Traveled 9,391 km in 14 days
Greetings from Ristiina, Finland! Ristiina is a small village in eastern Finland, by the lake Saimaa. It is the biggest lake in Finland. If you find Mikkeli from the map, our village is about 20 kilometers to south-east from it...Best regards, Jaana

A sun that doesn't go down at all at summertime, wow! A sun that stays up until 9PM was already bothersome for me when I was in Edinburgh, Scotland. Now how much more is a midnight sun? But I think it would also be awesome for an experience! 

Looking into the map from Jaana... during summer, the Helsinki region gets up to 19 hours of sun and the Ivalo region up to 24 hours of sun in one day. 

I wish I can get a postcard with the midnight sun from would be a Postcard Perfect addition to these two pretty cards that I already have. :D



  1. I like the second postcard and I would love to experienced an all-daylight summer season as well.

  2. I saw your sweet comment on Beth's blog about your grandpa and came here to say hi. I like the postcards of Finland.


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