Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Las Vegas of Asia

Postcrossing Direct Swap, Sender: Dianna
Sent from Macau, Sent on 16 September 2011
Received date not stamped on card, Traveled 1,962.21 km

When I went there in 2009, it was casino there, casino here, casinos everywhere! I bet it is the same now, or probably ...more casinos?  I didn't try anything inside the casinos but I did go inside one, the Venetian Macao. It was splendidly amazing! It was so large, they have this San Luca canal inside, I think in the third floor where you can rent and ride a gondola. If I'm not mistaken, the bright yellow building on the left of the postcard is the Venetian Macao.

My favorite building though is the Grand Lisboa Macao, which can be seen right below on the left corner of the stamp that came with the card. Its distinctive architectural design sets it apart. I was curious if it's as magnificent inside as it was outside...but I only saw the building on my way back to the port to get into the ferry for Hong Kong, so perhaps next time. :D

~ maria


  1. wow, i'd love to visit Macau one day, but I'd rather see the beautiful church {which I forgot the name} rather than check out the casinos! :D


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