Friday, September 14, 2012

Daddy Long Legs

Facebook Postcard Swap, Sender: Claire Pai
Sent from Taiwan, Sent on: 26 Aug 2012
Received on: 7 Sep 2012
Traveled 1,185 km in 12 days

“He and I always think the same things are funny, and that is such a lot; it's dreadful when two people's senses of humour are antagonistic. I don't believe there's any bridging that gulf!
And he is--Oh, well! He is just himself, and I miss him, and miss him, and miss him. 
The whole world seems empty and aching. 
I hate the moonlight because it's beautiful and he isn't here to see it with me. 
But maybe you've loved somebody, too, and you know? 
If you have, I don't need to explain; if you haven't, I can't explain.” 

-Jean Webster, Daddy Long Legs

This is one of my most beloved animated TV series. In a way I can relate to Judy, the protagonist of the story. Like her, I also chronicled my professional and personal growth in college (even until now, actually!) through writing. She did it through letters, I did it through emails. She had Jervis Pendleton; I had Elizabeth, my Dutch foster mom. Judy and Jervis shared a rather comical romance, I developed a quasi - daughter-mother relationship with my foster mom. Like Judy who had a sweet finish to her story, I hope I can also have a chance for a long-awaited meet-up with my Dutch mom. It has been more than 9 years of a relationship based on good faith for us -- email correspondence, photo sharing, I hope one day I can say 'thank you' to her in person.

Happy Postcard Friendship Friday, everyone!

~ maria


  1. Somehow I just knew you were a writer. The ocean post you did was a breath of fresh air - your words put me right back on the beach!

    I have never heard of this series ... I must check it out!

    Happy PFF!!!

  2. This is a wonderful card, and a great story.

  3. I didn't know about Facebook swaps. What a good idea!

    I loved the book Daddy Long Legs when I was younger. That was a very long time ago so I must look it out again.

  4. What a wonderful postcard! I adore it. lol Sissy is write--you are a born writer. I love reading your blog.

    Happy PFF!


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