Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pink Trees of Wuhan Old Library

The back of the card reads:

Located in the high ground of the Lion Mountain, the old library is landmark and spirit symbolic of WHU which was completed in September 1935. The roofs of the two ancillary buildings connected with the large reading room which looks like 'Xieshan with ridge'. The reading hall is octagonal when viewed from outside with a circular outer corridor for student to rest and sightseeing. The old library is the model of Chinese and western culture, also the national key protected relic, also one of the Wuhan's Five City Landmarks.

I was totally surprised when I got this card. I didn't know that my bestfriend from kindergarten went to China. Ahh...some friends keep nice secrets sometimes. Not that I feel bad about it... I just wish I knew so I could have requested for lots of postcards :p

I'm curious of what ancient books and relics are inside this old library... It's also interesting why the trees are pink. Perhaps they're cherry blossoms? What do you think?

Happy Pink Saturday everyone! :)

~ maria

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sender: Lovelyn Lasac
Sent from Wuhan, China, Sent on April 30 2012
Received on May 4, 2012, Traveled 1,908.5 km in 5 days


  1. Nice card.

    Stopping by from pink saturday.

    Check out mine here

  2. So pretty! Visiting from Pink Saturday.

    I hope that you can also visit my PINK. You may also link up to my Color Connection if you'd like. Thanks!

  3. Really pretty! It must be cherry blossom.

    PS. I'm afraid I don't have the mini-sheet of the Olympic stamps, only the postcards. Sorry. :(

    1. Thanks Sheila! :) It's alright. I already got lots of Olympic cards from Touchnote.


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