Monday, October 28, 2013

Belle & Her Book

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This post is inspired by Nancy and Heather's recent entry for Postcard Friendship Friday. She posted a postcard of Mrs. Potts and Chip. Probably Belle got to engrossed with her reading, forgot her grocery list, and Mrs. Potts' smirk at Chip (at Heather's blog) was because he forgot to remind Belle of her list.

Well, I'm wishing I'm like Belle who can focus with my reading. But I just can't. Leafing just a few pages of my books, sleep already gets the best of me. I'm just really extremely tired lately. *sigh* Exam was moved one week later but I still don't think that's enough time to prepare. I've got several important engagements scheduled in between tomorrow and that date. I'll still do my best though to read whenever and whatever I can. I'm feeling a bit blue thinking I'll fail the exam. At the same time though, I think I should cut myself some slack since I'm already completing my residency this year apart from taking that certification. I don't know... For now I'm resolved to take the test, which is good for 4 hours, with 100 multiple-choice questions and 5 essay questions. And then, I guess we'll find out if it's for me to be certified this year or not, two weeks from now.

On a more personal note, I'm rejoicing 'cause it's just 2 days before I'll be with the beau again after not seeing him for 2 months and a half. Yipee!! With that, Happy Blue Monday 'ye all!



  1. You do have a right to be concerned, Maria. No one likes tests, and this one sounds like a biggie. Like Belle, I'm feeling that you've read enough to pass. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. i love sad you have to be away from your beau, i hope your reunion is lovely!!

  3. Have fun with your Beau and I hope you pass your exam! Good luck!

  4. I haven't seen this card before, it's lovely. thanks for posting it.

  5. Phewph...I don't think I like the sound of the exams but I'm sure you'll nail it!
    Good luck anyway ;D
    Just think about seeing your Beau soon and I'm sure the exam will be done and dusted before you know it!
    Happy Belated Blue Monday.

  6. I love this share! Belle and her books have always excited me. My middle daughter is an avid reader and she loves Belle's library! Glad to see you at Blue Monday! ENjoy your week!


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