Saturday, November 2, 2013

La Raclette

Facebook Swap, Sender: Sebastien
Sent: 7 Aug 2013 from Cadillac, France
Received: 13 Aug 2013, Traveled ~11,526 km in 6 days

For my readers who have been reading my recent posts, I'm thrilled to share that I'm on my third day of vacation now  with my beau :) It's just crazy how time flies when we're together and how slow they are when we're apart... Moving on ...

On Thursday night, we hosted a dinner for another French-Filipina couple. We prepared a traditional French cheese dish from the mountains, raclette. On the postcard, it's shown under a heater, which melts the cheese and the melted part will be scraped. This scraped melted cheese is then used as topping for boiled potato, enjoyed with cold cuts, and greens.

For the dinner we prepared, we had a modern electric raclette grill. We realized the quantity we had was a bit short to satisfy 4 people. Raclette is really a nice dish and grilling the cheese and the pink and red meat gives a break from chewing -- which makes one a bit longer to feel full from it. (It's really very heavy in the tummy though in the end!)

Our guests brought 2 bottles of red wine. On top of that, we had other alcohol before dinner. The beau brought me back 3 bottles of wine back from France in early August. We served 2 bottles. And that Côtes de Bergerac moelleux AOC Novelum (inset), easily became the favorite. The wine was true to the French to English translation of 'moelleux', it was truly mellow indeed! I loved it because I'm not good drinking red wine.

There was some left of the second bottle, the pink Rosé Coteaux d’Aix en Provence seen inside the bucket above. I was supposed to have a glass tonight but I'm a bit sick. The beau had one glass and saved this quantity on the bottle above for me -- more than enough to get me really lethargic and sleepy but I'm very enthusiastic to enjoy it (again) as soon as I get better. ;-)

I've got 3 more days remaining for this vacation but I've already got lots of happy stories to share from the first 3 days. 

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A lovely weekend to everyone!



  1. A fabulous feast with friends , I am yet to try Raclette , not sure I will like it but I will try it .. as for the wine .. I love Pinot Grigio , white or Rose and different red wines too .. sounds like loads of fun ,, take care and have a fab few days more ,, x

  2. Awww...I'm sorry to hear you have been feeling poorly dear girl! I loved your description of the foods you were preparing, and the postcard is beautiful. I hope your wonderful vacation give you and your beau many addition beautiful memories.

    ((hugs)) You are such a darling.

    Have a GREAT weekend and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

  3. Wooww Maria...Bon appétit for the rest of your vacation !

    What a lovely coincidence, La raclette, la fondue are typical of Savoy and indeed I love having them with friends it's always so nice cheese and wine all together.

    Yes, I know what you mean, time flies when love is around, enjoy it and see you.

    Kisses from Savoy dearest


  4. I haven't tried this type of dining. is it always with cheese? looks tasty and the slower method great for entertaining and having time to talk with your guests.

  5. I especially like food postcards. The raclette looks delicious.

  6. Cooking and eating with friends, a (few) good bottles of wine - sounds wonderful. Happy Pink Saturday. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. Mmm. Your raclette looks delicious. It seems like plenty of food for four, but if there wasn't enough, I would volunteer to drink more wine. Thanks for playing along today and for your suggestions on American food to serve the visiting Frenchman.


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