Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Colors

US-1586397, Sender: Lori
Sent: 12 Mar 2012 from Salt Lake City, Utah
Received: 29 Mar 2012, Traveled 11,830 km in 17 days

I'm longing for vacation, I want to go hiking where the leaves are yellow, gold, orange, and red -- On a trail that would hopefully bring me into a surprising view at the end of the path. The Emerald Falls would have been perfect destination, only that it's on the other side of the world for me. At the back of the card, this view is described: Water cascades over a sandstone and shale shelf of at Zion National Park's Emerald Falls... The name 'Zion' meaning "place of refuge", was given to the canyon by Mormon pioneers.

JP-396140, Sender: Ichigo
Sent: 27 Apr 2013 from Kariya, Japan
Received: 9 May 2013, Traveled 2,771 km in 12 days

Another fanciful place to spend a leisurely walk around would be under these maple leaves in Kyoto. And yes, Japan is closer to where I am compared to the USA... But then, it's expensive to go to Japan! Perhaps in the future :) For now, I'm contented to dream about a picnic I'll have Saturday next week along East Coast in Singapore with my beau. Nature there won't be bathed in fall colors but at least there would be fresh air and my favorite scent of grass, leaves, and woods. I just can't wait! For now, I have to tackle another major exam, coming up next week (I'm fervently wishing it will be moved into a later date though!)

Have a good weekend everyone, whether you will be relaxing or still working (like me!)



  1. I sure wish you could visit somewhere to see the autumn colors - but you certainly have been getting a good sampling with these gorgeous postcards! I wish you well on your exam. And when it's time for that picnic ... well, since you'll be with your beau, you probably won't even notice the lack of fall leaves!

  2. What lovely colors. They are all around us here--but not nearly as bright as there. We haven't had a good hard frost yet, so the colors are muted!

    I hope your exam goes well and that you have a lovely vacation and picnic, my dear. ((hugs))

  3. the postcards you shared are lovely. i love autumn color and living where I do ... we don't have this wonderful color. dream on! happy PFF!

  4. Gorgeous autumn colours! Our trees haven't really had a good year for colour, and only occasionally as good as north America.

  5. Our colours are a little lacking this year - that is a problem when planning a "leaf peeping" tour. The cards are beautiful.
    Good luck on your exam.

  6. I have been finding gorgeous color, right here at the jersey shore!! Often we don't notice the beauty we have, so close to home!!

  7. enjoy your picnic wherever you are, and good luck on your exam.

  8. Walking or hiking is good for all of us. Especially during the pretty fall season. Thanks for you comments.

  9. They both look like beautiful places to visit. The Zion park is much closer to me, but still probably 2000 miles away.


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