Sunday, October 20, 2013

Puijo Tower on a Finnish Autumn Card

Two days ago, I came home from a 5-day out of town work and found 22 postcards on my study table. Teehee!! Just the perfect stress-buster! One of the most interesting stamps that came with the cards is the Puijo Tower. It's an observation tower in Kuopio, Finland which boasts a revolving restaurant with 100 seats! Oh wow! That's one of a kind dining experience for sure. Now I really wanna go see Finland and will probably aim to go there during autumn when the place will be bathed in orange and red - my favorite color. Speaking of, this stamp came with this autumn postcard:

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sender: Tuija
Sent: 9 October 2013 from Kuopio, Finland
Received 18 October 2013, Traveled ~9,160 kn in 9 days
My penpal Tuija wrote: It's the international day of the stamp today [9 October 2013]! Many cities in Finland including Kuopio have published their own special stamp today and the postage stamp celebrates the day of the stamp as well and can be gotten only today. I hope you'll like them as well as the card. I chose you an autumn card as it's autumn now in Finland and it looks like in the card here now!

Tuija, know that I just didn't like the stamp and the postcard you sent me, I loved them!


PS. I'm sharing this for Viridian's Sunday Stamps where the theme for today is 'anything you wish'. Hop on to her page to check out more nice stamps :)


  1. That is one thing Postcrossing has done for me - revived my interest in travelling to far away places!!

  2. I imagine that Finland looks stunning in Autumn with all those lakes.

  3. I have been here! It is a great time to go up in the tower and look around. thanks for joining in this week.

  4. I visited Finland once many years ago, in February, and it was so cold. It must be pretty in autumn. How lovely to have so many postcards waiting for you.

  5. wow! that is such a lovely stamp + what an interesting place! i just wish I can go + see the place one day. the postcard is equally lovely!

  6. A stunning postcard and a fine stamp. There seems to be many such towers these days.


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