Saturday, October 26, 2013

Beacon of Hope

PL-688784, Sender: Ania
Sent: 18 July 2012 from Warsaw, Poland
Received: 24 September 2012, Traveled 9,394 km in 68 days

The Rose-bay Willow-herb Fairy is a beacon of hope. This fairy brightens up forlorn places and neglected spaces with a blanket of bright pink blossoms. Her charity extends to other fairies and humans, as well. She flies to rescue any struggling Flower Fairy and takes pity on troubled humans, sometimes even granting their wishes.

How I wish this fairy will notice me. I know it's a selfish wish as for sure many would want to be noticed by the Rose-bay Willow-herb Fairy, too... But I guess the good fairy will notice us one human at a time ;-) Ania the sender said the fairy gives optimism. True to its description; I strongly agree! I know the fairy will look my way and Big Dad will make my wishes come true if it's according to His great plan for me. So I tell myself to 'relax and just keep on persevering', good things come to those who toil tirelessly while waiting.

I'm enlisting this fairy with Beverly's Pink Sunday roll. Happy weekend ye all!



  1. Good thing things happen to those who wait. Your fairy is watching over you.

  2. Have a lovely week-end..and I ask God to bless you!

  3. very sweet. i agree with LV, your wish will come. happy pink saturday! xo


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