Sunday, October 13, 2013

Go Green: Share Rides

Here's one of the USA's 16 Go Green Forever stamps issued in 14 April 2011. The sheet  was designed by award-winning illustrator Eli Noyes, in collaboration with art director Derry Noyes. The designs on the sheet illustrated simple things we can do everyday to save the environment. An example shown here is the carpooling.

Sharing this green car for Viridian's 142nd roll of Sunday Stamps, for the theme 'cars'.



  1. Oh, it's so cute. Very different from the rest of cars shown in the Sunday Stamps. I love it!

  2. Its a jolly stamp that puts over the message well. I think I've seen other of this distinctive set but not this one.

  3. I haven't seen this stamp before, nice design.

  4. I've seen others of this great series but not this one. They tried to run a scheme for car-sharing where I used to work but it's only good for people with very regular hours.

  5. a good message shared in a fun way, very cute :)


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