Friday, April 24, 2015

U is for University of Oxford, England

It's a challenge for me to find a postcard to share for this letter. Hence, for the very first time I am putting up one for a second feature on my page. It is from a multi-card post from 2013.

For letter "U" --

Bloggers Postcard Swap, Sender: Anne
Sent: 11 Sep 2013 from Swindon, UK
Received: 24 Sep 2013, Traveled 10,838 km in 13 days

The original post does not contain any information about the cards. So for this card at least, here's an interesting fact. It is unknown when Oxford University was established. Teaching though was known to have existed since more than 900 years ago.

Aside from that fact, there are still way too much impressive information about this university. More details could be found from an Uncle Wiki's page.

The long and full week is ending, I am tired and sleepy ... but before we take a rest, let's first check out my friend Beth's page for Postcards Friendship Friday hop.



  1. Hi Maria - I was at school in Oxford .. and spent a year there afterwards ... always a favourite place ... and there's lots to do and to see .. those beautiful spires as Anabel mentions .. cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Maria ... Yay the card I sent you :-) I love the spires. x

  3. Hi Maria, Very cool card ... wow, they were really into spires when they built Oxford. :-) Thank you for the link up to Postcards Friendship Friday ... first time I've seen that one. Have a fine weekend!

  4. i always wanted to study at Oxford. been watching too much BBC I think.


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